The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

At the Rosewood School for Young Vampires, where the curtains are always drawn against anything but knowledge, Tommy Fang, a comparatively new boy at the age of eighty , was sitting in a solitary position at the back of the school canteen.

Although enthusiastic about many aspects of his fate-chosen life style, his  allergy  relating to the sight and taste of blood had left him in a difficult position with regard to obtaining the necessary levels of nutrition, and also admiration, from his classmates. No one wished to see him being picked on except the crueller element of the pupil population numbering no more than 80% of the children.  Were he to be  bitten or roughhoused in that cheery manner young children have with each other, a disturbing light might be thrown on the schools uncertain public reputation, and this was to be avoided at all costs.. His diet of porridge laced with a high percentage of iron pills and a skilfully included splash of tomato ketchup; added in an  attempt to coach him in the pleasures of the colour red, kept him healthy but not entertained.

The year was, or is  depending on your perspective, 2038 and your gallant reporter and blogger had managed to travel there after spotting a special quality associated with egg timers. The resultant time-travel  craft lacked glamour, and was a trifle slow, but included a comfy arm-chair and a selection of magazines on train spotting in case the journey involved undisturbed levels of boredom: the lack of passing trains had been overlooked by the entertainment committee

I have a range of attributes, and some of them are disclosed, but courage is not one of them, so I was firmly encased in a strong suite of armour with the words “Property of the British Dental Foundation” emblazoned on the front. Those of you in the know, will recognise that vampires of any age are often fearless and possibly slightly arrogant, but dental hygiene, for obvious reasons, is taken very seriously among such folk, and I hoped this sign of expertise might prevent them investigating my protective gear too deeply.

I made my way as quietly as I could down to the seat where young Tommy was playing with his food. Quietly may be the wrong word, because, mysteriously, a suite of armour is not the preferred costume of the cat burglar.  I sat beside young Master Fang, as he was referred to by his teachers, and, in a rare display of bravado, flicked open the visor of my helmet and stared deep into his pale and expressionless eyes. ” Have you tried vegetarian sausages” I asked him, “Full of flavour but also free of meat”. His answer was unfathomable, but is currently at the translators and, if they are successful, the full force of his response may be published by my local newspaper in its  time travel section.


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19 Responses to The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

  1. Caroline says:

    Love it – where do you get your ideas from Peter! I wish my brain worked like yours does!!! Thank you for giving me a wonderful start to my day. xxx


  2. Rosie Amber says:

    I loved this and the name Tommy Fang made me chuckle, thanks.


  3. catterel says:

    Cliffhanger! Next chapter, please!


  4. What a delightful hats off to some mutual friends of ours!


  5. Clay Gilbert says:

    Hehehe. Excellent, Peter. I think Tommy Fang should get together for drinks with Johnny Blade, a vampire-underling character from “Dark Road to Paradise.” 😉 Interesting reading this kind of thing from you. Loved it. 🙂


  6. CKoepp says:

    Great description and set up for another episode. 🙂


  7. Lovely! Especially the armour…’not the preferred choice of the cat burglar’. You, Sir, have a wicked sense of humor…thanks for the chuckles!


  8. This is a beauty! Your imagination soars so high! Let it forever soar! 😊


  9. “Time-travel craft”
    Love it, a world where time travel is routine transport 😈


  10. babs50nfab says:

    You and your imagination must have been a huge challenge for your parents!


  11. A vampire allergic to blood–now that’s creative.


  12. Great giggle to start the week, thanks for the fun 🙂 More company without filter is always a good thing in the writing world 🙂


  13. nelle says:

    Very creative… do watch the settings on the egg timers. You wouldn’t want to be hardboiled.


  14. Consider offering Master Fang a Bloody Mary. It might just get him i the mood… 😉


  15. This post made me laugh Peter. I loved the fact that Tommy disguised his dislike of blood using ketchup. He is a very interesting character! Also the next time I boil an egg I will look at my timer with a lot more interest. 🙂


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