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Being Promising, Predictable or Unreliable

At sometime in our life, dependant on age we should be one of the first two. Number three is a word used for those who have drifted off-line or ” done their own thing” to such an extent that they … Continue reading

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Not Quite the Big Bang Theory

I had a group of friends at University with whom I shared the first steps away from home,  discovered earnest conversation, bad cookery and  odd low-level eccentricities, the latest novels and beer. This mutual curiosity bound us to each other and we shared … Continue reading

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With regard to the previous post. Not sure what happened here. I was looking at some old posts and I pushed some button with this one and, lo and behold, its popped up as the post of the day. I’m … Continue reading

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Originally posted on countingducks:
“We’ll have the pie for dinner she yells across the flat. Her husband is in the kitchen making tea. He does that every day, and helps her dress, discussing the days fresh problems and her approach.…

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Living with Echoes

Sitting in a cafe recently  I glanced around myself to check the lie of the land before reading my newspaper.  My eye was caught by some old boy also sitting on his own. His clothes seemed as old as he … Continue reading

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Snacking Through the Fundamentals of Life

As anyone  who has studied the great philosophers, and thrown in a couple of brisk walks over the Himalayas during their life experiences can attest, few things demonstrate a person’s desire to connect with the world around him more accurately than … Continue reading

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The Value of People in Blogland

I had a comment made about a post of mine by someone who I consider to be a friend saying sometimes they were too shy to post a reply because, in essence, in their wording , “Too many well spoken people read … Continue reading

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