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One of the Awkward Squad

Once, in another life, I was privileged to walk along a beach near a school, group or colony of Sea Lions. I’m not sure of the correct technical term. What intrigued me about them was how fat, clumsy and lazy … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishes

‘Ello, one and all. I thought I’d stagger towards the keyboard and wish you all a Happy Christmas before completing the speech I’m preparing for Barack Obama and David Cameron, both of whom I’ve invited for a slice of cake after … Continue reading

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The Penalties of Skyping

My mind is always full of a quiet but fixed purpose. To maintain the body and face of an athlete. This is my inflexible goal. Life can get can get in the way of every objective: one has to accept that. But my failsafe rule, my … Continue reading

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It’s Raining

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, its raining. Nothing wild and glorious with just a taste of the world’s ending kind of rain. More that steady, we can take the fun out of a lottery win kind … Continue reading

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My Life as a Tea Bag

I can remember a few key episodes in my life. Quite a lot of them, actually, though in a highly censored form to maintain my self-esteem. One thing I cannot remember, despite considerable effort, is my birth. In fact I can’t remember my … Continue reading

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The Purpose of Writing

Is it true that an entertainer is one who writes to amuse, disturb or divert while  an artist often writes for himself; sometimes because he feels he has no choice. Is being an artist the last hope of the socially awkward who, on land shuffle  around … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Blogroll

Anyone on my Blogroll is there initially because they commented on my Blog over a number of weeks. When I first started Blogging  I gained great encouragement from it. That is the strange thing about the Blogroll. Over time it … Continue reading

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Where the light comes From

The other evening I was out with friends, trying to behave normally and observing the antics  of some of the folk near us. A large range  of personalities was on display. I watched a young child rush up to its mother … Continue reading

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