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Poetry In Emotion

Geoffrey Longridge, a widower of twenty-eight years standing, had lost his wife in a car accident leaving him childless and alone. Since that time, emotion was something he expressed sparingly, and in his memory of her he had, he considered, … Continue reading

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Retrospective Love

The mourners stood around him eating cakes and sandwiches not made by him. Some catering company he employed to do the work, did the work while he stood near a corner of the room, watching his guests share memories of … Continue reading

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Career Changing Moments

As a young teenager my passions swerved between football, and history. You can’t “do” history, or not easily if you’re a small boy, because people like Henry XIII are too busy getting married again to discuss their motivations with you, … Continue reading

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Discovering Art

Captain Crab, recently retired as ‘Officer in Charge’ of the stationary dept at Slumpdown Barracks, could claim, in secret anyway, that whatever the situation faced by British troops, regardless of the weaponry at the enemies disposal, the men supplied by … Continue reading

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