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No. Please. After You

I always think how soggy people like me love most birds and animals and prescribe them behaviour patterns they may not actually have. When Mummy bird flies towards her nest with a load of worms freshly acquired from the supermarket … Continue reading

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Everyday I open up a couple of sites on my laptop. Obviously the dashboard is one but BBC News is the other. I check my dashboard to see if anyone apart from my ramshackle collection of friends, the loyal Albanian … Continue reading

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Writers Block

It’s not the flu and certainly not leprosy but it provides difficulties all its’ own. Here  am sitting in front of a blank page just typing because I seem to have nothing to write about that has the making of … Continue reading

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Blogging Awards

Over time I have received a few Blogging awards. None of them are displayed here because I don’t know how to do it, can’t make any links, and a host of other reasons. The awards I have received are from … Continue reading

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It’s Not all in the Taste

I have a number of interests: some of them more productive than others. One of them is wandering round second-hand book shops seeing whats out there. On a recent trip I came across a tome called “The 1936 Economical Cookery Book”. … Continue reading

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The Future is in her Hands

One of those lives were people shake their head. Not altogether wrong but seldom right. He’s made the odd mistake or ten but somehow staggered on through life. A bit of engineering, a bit of sales. Not what he wanted really … Continue reading

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I Have a Failing

Over time I have had my success and failures and this has meant I  have met with people from a wide range of circumstances. People are people in the main,so apart from the size of their fridge and the quality … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Happens

Autumn, as many of you have observed, is a beautiful season. The trees turn many shades of green-gold and brown: berries glisten in the morning dew. Like many of you,we like to go for a walk in the evening while … Continue reading

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The Call of Duty

Saturday morning’s  do not begin with any fixed routine. Not in my house. Not in my head at least. The day drifts towards action. Recently we have acquired a second TV which is placed in the bedroom. It is not … Continue reading

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I Have the Heart of a Youngster

I love to hear new music so do they. I love to get into scrapes, but now tend to be too sensible. I have a reckless streak, but now circled with caution. I love the thrill of adventure but am … Continue reading

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