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Technical Interface And The Older Brain

My brain is largely empty, because I have always disliked clutter, and I sieve changes in the world using a complex set of reflexes commonly known as “Lack of Interest.”  Never the less, on regular occasions we enjoy the company of my … Continue reading

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Natalie Irvine. A Local Artist With A Growing Reputation

Some of you may remember my post about the paintings of Emma Cattell, who is a local artist of merit and a growing following I am proud to know. Another individual in the same category is Natalie Irvine whose husband … Continue reading

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A Short List of Life-Saving Kitchen Tips

Following on from my Slackers Guide to Success, a small village on the edge of Delusion, I passed through once on my journey to Professional Oblivion, I thought I would slide a couple of catering tips out for those who seek … Continue reading

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Getting to the Heart Of A Subject. What Drives Emma Cattell to Paint?

Art has no manners, I always feel, great art that is, and while most creative people paint diffidently and politely to capture the shape and outline of a subject, few have the will or courage of the explorer: of someone who … Continue reading

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Bloggers Being Helpful

  Alright, I’m loath to mention it, but that book I keep going on about, the book pictured  on the right side of this post is a constant source of worry to me. In the olden days, I understand, some … Continue reading

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Dentist to the Vampire Profession

My introduction to the  market I have made my own, possibly owing to a lack of other surviving candidates, is as a dentist to the Vampire Profession. As with many things, my opening came by chance. I was taking a … Continue reading

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The Flippant Guide to Profundity

Normally resident at 37  Bloxham Road; flat 6 for the lovers of detail, Wayne ‘Sagey’ Trollope, no relative of the author, but sharing a similar fondness for his own muse, could be found once more, at his consulting ‘ rooms’ somewhere near … Continue reading

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