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The Search For Profundity

Ignatius Plotsky was a poet in waiting, a painter in search of a canvas and writer of some obscurity whose insights were sited somewhere beyond the land of meaning. Following a few drinks at the bar, and spotting a young … Continue reading

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The Non-Committal Scandal

There is an envelope with her final letter. There is a man to whom it was addressed. There is a world which does not seek his memories, or family to thank him for his time. Karen Black who took his … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern

She was a prisoner like me, wrapped in invisible chains wrought out of bills, greed and indecision: both the writer and victim of her life history, for none of which she accepted any responsibility. She had a beauty which cuts through … Continue reading

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David Bowie And Thoughts On Life

As we all know, unless we are hiding in a cave somewhere pretending to be a pot of jam, David Bowie died recently. He was not, to be honest, my favourite musician of all time but I love some of … Continue reading

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Love Was Not Her Answer

 Her stare challenged everything in sight: late twenties and a practised controller of events, the answer to many situations lodged in her experience, she feared little but some aspects of emotion, and looked on those she knew as reference points. … Continue reading

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First Love’s Eternity

You lived creatively letting art define your life, fearless in your every day, walking the path I should have walked if I had courage in my veins; but I was a percentage man, careful always not to fail. I talked … Continue reading

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Changing Ambitions

“What do you want from life?” a friend asked me once: we were both twenty- one: two adventurers on the road to glory: two comrades with stories to discover. I looked up, squinting at my glass of cut-price wine and … Continue reading

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