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Sardines Again

So this evening I opened another tin of sardines. To eat on toast of course. We all like variety so I have to sell it to myself. “Heavens” I say. “The tin opens more easily if you hold it with … Continue reading

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First Steps

Some time before I was born, about five hundred thousand years ago, I suppose we all lived in tiny widely spaced communities as separated from each other as it was possible to  be: living in caves , getting by on a … Continue reading

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Two Points of View

Currently I am on my own and in complete control of our home. Two things can happen. Freed from her appetite for making a bit of a mess wherever she goes I can move through the rooms like a frenzied … Continue reading

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The Unique Ability

Yesterday I watched a film I’ve always enjoyed. “Good Will Hunting” with Matt Damon, Robin Williams and a host of other good actors.I’m sure you’ve seen the film already so I won’t  labour over a description but the reason I mention it  … Continue reading

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Getting to Know People

I have some difficulties. Lots of people do. One of mine is that the people who most arouse my interest and curiosity are normally the hardest to get to know on any level. They are often awkward defensive and wary. Within … Continue reading

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Knowing Too Much About You

I have a large selection of sisters. Someone

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Twenty – Four Tea Bags.

Yes I’ve counted them. I’ve got 2 pizzas, quite a lot of rice and a pot of sweet and sour sauce which should make at least three meals. Lets face it I’m pretty much in clover here, and with the … Continue reading

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