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Life Through the Windscreen

I’m sitting next to Alf as he drives his car. Alf has a variety of moods but could generally be called polite and reasonable. Sometimes in his car he forgets this and suddenly starts shouting out, “You bloody fool. why … Continue reading

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Waking Thoughts

Something wakes you in the dead of night. Might be the cat, a bolt of lightening or a bout of anxiety. Never mind. Welcome to one of those few moments when, in our crowded life and planet, we can think … Continue reading

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Critical Pleasures

There we were munching at our separate pies. Mine was Salmon with Dill and hers was Chicken with herbs. As is our custom, sometime during the course we swapped plates so we could both experience different flavours. There was a mumbling noise … Continue reading

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Routemanship Under Pressure

Yesterday, somewhat unusually, we went off to a club to enjoy a few slices of Egyptian belly dancing. A friend of my partners is in some group which has practised this for about ten years and she was now part of … Continue reading

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Gurus and Messiah’s

Many years ago I was floundering around towards the end of my university career wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Some one suggested I get a career, as it helped to fill out the day and … Continue reading

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Vanishing Profiles

We’ve all seen it. That moment without explanation or announcement, when someone we follow on a pretty much daily basis vanished suddenly from sight and the post you saw some days or weeks ago seems to be their final utterance. … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems

After, “publishing” my last post this screen came up and said something like “Wizzo, this is your 70th Post” . I thought it was amazing that I’d written so many. The funny thing is that, regardless of how much or little … Continue reading

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