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Life Through the Windscreen

I’m sitting next to Alf as he drives his car. Alf has a variety of moods but could generally be called polite and reasonable. Sometimes in his car he forgets this and suddenly starts shouting out, “You bloody fool. why … Continue reading

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Waking Thoughts

Something wakes you in the dead of night. Might be the cat, a bolt of lightening or a bout of anxiety. Never mind. Welcome to one of those few moments when, in our crowded life and planet, we can think … Continue reading

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Routemanship Under Pressure

Yesterday, somewhat unusually, we went off to a club to enjoy a few slices of Egyptian belly dancing. A friend of my partners is in some group which has practised this for about ten years and she was now part of … Continue reading

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Gurus and Messiah’s

Many years ago I was floundering around towards the end of my university career wondering what to do with the rest of my life. Some one suggested I get a career, as it helped to fill out the day and … Continue reading

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Vanishing Profiles

We’ve all seen it. That moment without explanation or announcement, when someone we follow on a pretty much daily basis vanished suddenly from sight and the post you saw some days or weeks ago seems to be their final utterance. … Continue reading

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Hidden Gems

After, “publishing” my last post this screen came up and said something like “Wizzo, this is your 70th Post” . I thought it was amazing that I’d written so many. The funny thing is that, regardless of how much or little … Continue reading

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Talking to myself

As I go about my day, apart from work and responsibility,  I find myself airing and discussing observations and ideas with myself. Sadly, on many occasions my thoughts are not of a practical nature. At regular intervals some part of my body might send a message … Continue reading

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The Pure Expression of Sensibility

Yesterday we visited a cousin my partner had not seen for quite a few years: I had never seen her except at her mothers a week before. In their youths they were close and recent moves had opened up the … Continue reading

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Manners and Marketing

I am very happy to criticise some people for several hours a day. This is not because I think there is anything wrong with them. It is because I love them and any criticism I make is a  tiny weed in the … Continue reading

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The Blitz Effect

As we know London and other cities in the UK have recently experienced a series of looting and riots which shocked a nation and gave the politicians the chance to proclaim a range of panaceas and measures which drifted quietly over the heads … Continue reading

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