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Internet Dating With A Side Order Of Chips

The Duke of Mildshire could look back on a traceable ancestry or 700 years, peopled by those who lived in a social stratosphere free of financial constraints and rich in statesman of varying moral profiles and other politicians. Owing to a remorseless … Continue reading

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Moroccan Grub

Ok, straight to the point, get it out there, make it known, I’ve had a small ‘gig’ as the PR Advisor to the above restaurant on account of I know the owner and my greed is a matter of public … Continue reading

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The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

At the Rosewood School for Young Vampires, where the curtains are always drawn against anything but knowledge, Tommy Fang, a comparatively new boy at the age of eighty , was sitting in a solitary position at the back of the school … Continue reading

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A Guide to Domestic Bliss for the New Husband or Partner

Household Chores It is a good idea to have a small CD or section on your I pod which contains a range of useful sound effects produced by the “gifted man about the house”. These might include the sounds of … Continue reading

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Just a Creme Brulee !

As time passes, and we leave the sheltered anchorages of our youth, lurking behind the cover provided by a couple of exam certificates, and  assembled competences, a bungler sometimes lurks within us, wondering if its safe to come out . It … Continue reading

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It’s a simple word that can be read without trouble or effort but in a few people, myself included. even seeing the word can produce a powerful emotional reaction.  We went for a lovely walk along the river. Following my recent … Continue reading

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Here’s an Odd Thing

A lot of you can gather that I’m a fairly independent, crash by the seat of your pants, kind of guy, and so I am. The road less travelled is always more interesting to me, even if it currently seems … Continue reading

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