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The Search For Profundity

Ignatius Plotsky was a poet in waiting, a painter in search of a canvas and writer of some obscurity whose insights were sited somewhere beyond the land of meaning. Following a few drinks at the bar, and spotting a young … Continue reading

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The Price Of Jewellery

Mark Flatterby, a man in his late fifties, lived moderately, surrounding himself with colleagues, friends of largely respectably character apart from myself, a wife and two children. All good on the Flatterby front then until a certain Maureen Cartwright turned … Continue reading

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The Non-Committal Scandal

There is an envelope with her final letter. There is a man to whom it was addressed. There is a world which does not seek his memories, or family to thank him for his time. Karen Black who took his … Continue reading

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End Of Year Party,

Irritated by the unremitting optimism of New Year’s Eve parties, I and a number of chums at “The Blue Swan” decided, some years ago, to hold an end of year party instead, held on the 30th December in that period … Continue reading

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A Sort of Happy New Year

My mother’s wedding photograph was unique in one degree only: she was smiling from the heart outward and it showed in her eyes. Looking up at my father she clearly had found and married the man of her dreams and … Continue reading

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Cooking and Christmas Cheer To All My Friends

Christmas day is the one day when the kitchen is cleared, technically speaking, of all opinions but my own and, for better or worse, I step forward to roast the turkey, cook vegetables, make the sauces and generally do all … Continue reading

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A Conversation Gone Viral

Alec Sapelovirus was sitting next to Sam Chlorella in the rest room of the New Strain Research Facility and talking over recent events while relaxing over a soothing drink. They were discussing how near the virus as an entity had … Continue reading

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