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First Love’s Eternity

You lived creatively letting art define your life, fearless in your every day, walking the path I should have walked if I had courage in my veins; but I was a percentage man, careful always not to fail. I talked … Continue reading

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Candour And The Search For Married Bliss, Or An Address Quite Near It

As a writer of no repute, whose investigative techniques were found wanting during a recent experiment outside the local railway station, it may not surprise you to know that my courting history has enjoyed a certain level of difficulty and … Continue reading

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Down At The Fossils Club

I go there once a week on Thursday afternoon’s with what I call my spending money. That is the money which is not taken up with just surviving, although that makes me far from unique I know. Down at the … Continue reading

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A Discrete Frailty in Boadicea’s Behaviour

The wife, who I call Boadicea behind her back, because to say that to her face would be a recognised form of suicide, is not someone to mess with. Alright, that’s nonsense because I’ve already said it, but then she … Continue reading

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Bunter Macintosh explores a new career Aided by Sylvia Satnav

“Bunter gets the job done” I’ve always said that to myself so, apart from being very pleased to acquire a position as relief taxi driver with the Matterly Taxi services, I thought of it as a good chance to see … Continue reading

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Bunter Macingtosh Rediscovers Love

Someone asked me recently if I still believed in marriage and I said, “Of course old boy.” I mean you can’t have drifted through five of the things without some belief in the institution and I’m still friendly with all the … Continue reading

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Grexit Stopolopolus Gets In A Fix

Don’t know how it happened but Grexit, a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy who liked nothing more than sitting around in the evening drinking wine with his family and friends received a letter from a … Continue reading

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