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The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

At the Rosewood School for Young Vampires, where the curtains are always drawn against anything but knowledge, Tommy Fang, a comparatively new boy at the age of eighty , was sitting in a solitary position at the back of the school … Continue reading

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The Engagement

He loved her but it didn’t show:gave her protection from a distance; understanding without a sense of intimacy. Just some guy in a cubicle crunching numbers through the working day: it wasn’t climbing Everest but it paid the bills. “Hey … Continue reading

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Bang on My Head ( Update )

For those of you who still remember who I am, which might or might not include myself, I am getting better. We live in a flat on the third floor of a lift-free building and for some time going up … Continue reading

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Bang on MY Head

Life brings many surprises and some of them are free. One I received recently was a nice bang on the back of the head as a result of slipping on the path. I felt a bit weird but as this is normal I … Continue reading

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Pie for Tea

“We’ll have the pie for dinner she yells across the flat. Her husband is in the kitchen making tea. He does that every day, and helps her dress, discussing the days fresh problems and her approach. Today he will be … Continue reading

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Egg on my Face

 I’m not telling you anything when I say life is a series of battles we have with ourselves, interrupted by the battles we have with other people. Sometimes these battles with other folk can seriously interfere with the important stuff … Continue reading

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