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A Brief Conversation

We talked about the holiday, and how special it had been. “Travel is the only cure I’ve found for pettiness” she said, “Away from people I can love them once again. You are the only exception to that rule” “Away … Continue reading

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The Intimacy of Strangers

As I sit at my desk, or in the café, or find myself walking down the street, I look on others, just like me, who make a largely solitary pilgrimage through life, filled with thoughts and dreams . Who knows what it … Continue reading

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Inner Chick and the Fight Against Domestic Violence

I have mentioned this lady before, the one who actually survived meeting me under the clock at Waterloo Station in London, and chatting with me while her amazingly patient husband watched the sight of two bloggers realising the other one … Continue reading

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Victim of His Own Impulses

She was a lady in the crowd,  undistinguished in all matters but one: on her right shoulder, underneath her blouse which was white, I could see a black bra strap. I thought it odd that a woman with a white blouse  … Continue reading

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A Gap In The Love Chain

Bernard Monkfish, not blessed in name or nature, was the product of a father whose imagination was exercised with little awareness of its effect on others, hence his son had become a nervous and wary adult, which is the point at … Continue reading

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Bloggers Being Helpful

  Alright, I’m loath to mention it, but that book I keep going on about, the book pictured  on the right side of this post is a constant source of worry to me. In the olden days, I understand, some … Continue reading

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Ghost Of A Love Affair

” Love me but do not own me: Celebrate but don’t possess me” I see her smiling as she said it;  the last words I heard spoken by her face to face. Off on an adventure, never to return, crushed by a lorry in some freak … Continue reading

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