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Sir Oswald Clarkson Demonstrates Economy

 Malinslow, a name hard to say correctly after more than three beers, was a town which sought prominence through its annual poetry festival and used to gather a decent supply of the well-to-do, as well as a number of dishevelled … Continue reading

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On The Passing Of My Aunt

In every family and in every community there will always be iconic figures and in my family “Missie” or Aunt Sylvia, to use her formal name, gave us a towering example of how to navigate the oceans of life regardless … Continue reading

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That Forgotten Face

The only thing which proved that life was bearable was that he was still living it. Given any choice but suicide he would have changed his circumstances to anything but this; his current situation. Of course that thought had been … Continue reading

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In Search Of Employment

Somewhat later than many of my contemporaries, one of whom now sits within sniffing distance of power in the outer rooms of 10 Downing Street, while another twirls a scalpel with nonchalant skill before practising life-saving surgery on the patient … Continue reading

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David Bowie And Thoughts On Life

As we all know, unless we are hiding in a cave somewhere pretending to be a pot of jam, David Bowie died recently. He was not, to be honest, my favourite musician of all time but I love some of … Continue reading

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Love Was Not Her Answer

 Her stare challenged everything in sight: late twenties and a practised controller of events, the answer to many situations lodged in her experience, she feared little but some aspects of emotion, and looked on those she knew as reference points. … Continue reading

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A Romance Of Flawed Beliefs

In our early days you were lost, it seemed to me, and you let me feed you with compliments, and I watched you flourish on the diet.  You were beautiful: a secret garden, a shy persona with a gift, a guarded women when I met you, who … Continue reading

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