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“You must leave in the morning but we can say goodbye tonight” was my wife’s way of closing the door on our marriage: her voice was flat and calm: she was always calm. She had been my safe space, haven … Continue reading

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Cometh the Hour and Gone The Hour

I remember those heady days when we first entered college, dropped our bags and said goodbye to our parents. Those conversations filled with awkward love and soon-forgotten advice. I remember meeting my new roommates, and sharing stories and then drinks … Continue reading

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We are all in it for the journey aren’t we? I mean we don’t have any choice; you sort of wake up on the train of life, and then some guy comes up to you and out of nowhere says, … Continue reading

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A Walk Through Memory

 Love me but do not own me: Celebrate but don’t possess me;” I see her smiling as she said it; the last words I heard spoken by her face to face. Off on an adventure, never to return, crushed by … Continue reading

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