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Inner Life and ‘Inner Chick’

In Blogland I  invisibly meet a large number of people, some more known to me than others, as we read each other’s posts. I write now, because I am always in awe of how some people shape and use their inner experience to benefit … Continue reading

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Who Inspires You

Recently I saw a brief clip of Stephen Hawkins on television : he communicates from his largely impassive face through imperceptible movements in his cheek which somehow translate into computer speech. Literally  he is an old man trapped in a wheel … Continue reading

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A Footnote in History

Perhaps he was a footnote in history, there was no one left to ask, this veteran of a near forgotten war, now bought to life only in films and sometimes books, but lived by him back when his legs stilled moved, … Continue reading

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Interview Between N.J. Granger, Soothsayer and Ironing Consultant and CD

As part of my training in self marketing and promotion I recently agreed to be interviewed on my Blog. Here is a transcript of the interview. All spelling mistakes are the result of poor spelling and remain the copyright of … Continue reading

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Forays Into Marketing and The Power of Sausages

Some of you may know I have been busy recently writing a book, and some of you will be astonished to know I have now finished it, and am about ready to send it off for the traditional mauling by … Continue reading

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A Marriage Made in Purgatory

Geoff watched his wife drain the last of the wine into her glass, “Would I like some ” he asked sarcastically, as he scratched around on his plate for some consoling morsel. His wife was a women undisciplined by concern … Continue reading

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