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I remember going to my senior school, one of the new boys in a new boy class and watching me and everyone else size up the other faces in the room. Watch someone do something I might do, or hear an observation I might make, and smile in recognition of their echo in my mind, and nod at them, and smile, of course, and then I found a friendship born and life became community.

After that it all slowed down a bit. I became more used to being normal and combed my hair: not every day, of course because that’s too odd, but certainly when I went for interviews, or some girl might smile at me, so life went on

Now we come to Blogging, my new world, and sure enough, just by saying hello, and asking if they really were related to that insect in the photograph, I made new friends, and we visited back and forth. There was a thing called ‘Blogroll’ way back then, and we are talking well over two  years , ( can you believe it )  on which you placed your closest internet ‘family’, and got to know, emotionally, each breath they took.

But here, out in this world, we are both real and soap drama. The lives which move us are seldom ever seen, or heard or touched, but through the words and our own experiences, we feel, as echoes once again, something of the life they lead.  We live life inside out, and share emotions more than courtesies, though they exist as well, how could they not. Something of what it might be like to live as they must do, and feel how they feel, in lives which move us beyond our understanding  holds our breath as they move through some emergency,but then lives change.

Quite often, the need now passed, they cease to Blog and vanish from the room, others find fresh interests and move to other things, we cannot say but this is strange. Recently I get more comments and visits than I ever did, but, except in rare cases, none of them are from the people I first knew, whose names I recorded in my ‘Roll’ lest I forgot to visit them regularly: I still do, because I’m built like that.

I always have a mug of tea when I wake up, and peer out of the window at the sky, as if I might grow crops, and the weather might make a difference to my working day. I am a man of routine, week on week, and visiting friends is part of what I do, but in a world which seeks for understanding, and looks for echoes in another’s eyes, to touch the life of a person never seen, can seem more precious to the private mind, than all the gold lost in some unrecorded sea, and touch we might.

We learn the beauty of a truth, of moments shared, and nods across the ocean, but most of all, as day follows day, and I look at the dawn and watch the sky tell me the news, I sense, for me, there is no permanency more than the passing clouds, or wildfowl on the water making  cries to lives I watch but will never be.

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Trying to remember what my future is
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64 Responses to Blogroll Memorial

  1. elainecanham says:

    to touch the life of a person never seen, can seem more precious to the private mind – that is so beautiful. Sometimes I wake up wondering if I’ve hurt the feelings of someone I’ve never met.


  2. catterel says:

    A lovely poetic tribute to blogroll friendships. Glad I came across you, Ducks xx


  3. Rachael Charmley says:



  4. Jane says:

    This was outstanding…looks for echoes in another’s eyes… lovely.


  5. Abby says:

    I love this so much that anything I say will sound trite. Beautifully said, and I’m proud to have you as a virtual friend.


  6. gotham girl says:

    I don’t know how you do it. You touch the very souls of your readers. I’m still blubbering over the posting…An invisible presence at the birth. I have read it every day since you posted it and have yet to find the right words to comment. I’m trying though…


  7. Al says:

    As one of those ethereal friends, I salute you. Your ability to reflect on how proximity is not necessary to enjoy the kindred spirits of fellow bloggers is spot on. You prove that with virtually every post. The ocean doesn’t divide us, only a lack of will.


  8. As one touched by your genuine concern and delightful sense of humor I salute you, my friend.


  9. I’m so proud to know such a wordsmith as yourself, Ducks, even if only in the virtual sense. You are a Pied Piper of words and images, encouraging them to dance and make merry for us. Thank you so very much for sharing your gift, your thoughts, and your soul with us. You completely and utterly rock!


    • That comment is very kind, and very cheering to a man who has recently discovered that he has run out of ginger biscuits. More seriously, meeting people such as yourself, and learning of your differing experiences, is a large part of the reason I Blog


      • What? No ginger biscuits? I’m making some gingerbread as we speak, but it’s a bit more cake than biscuit…will that help? I could send some! Seriously, thank you Sir… that means a lot to me. I hope you have a wonderful day and keep piping because your words dance so beautifully…


  10. A beautiful post Peter. Blogland has become familiar to me over the past two years; I found it weird and scary at the beginning and wondered if I could “do it” but I found that I can! And I have met people who I now consider close friends.
    I am glad my soul has touched yours 😊 for you bring smiles, messages to ponder upon and sometimes the most raucous laughter on days which may have begun very darkly for me. Thank you 😊


  11. CKoepp says:

    Interesting perspective.

    Sometimes I surprised the kids I worked with by telling them what “the internet” was like when I was in high school. *gasp* “No pictures?”

    Yes, things change over time.


  12. brucethomasw says:

    Your writing is so beautiful and really touch a chord deeply within me – I couldn’t explain what it is, because I’m more an “image guy” – i.e – writing and words are difficult for me and don’t come easy. – All I can say, is I “get what you’re saying” and thank you for this.


  13. Ina says:

    Hi Peter, good posting! This blogging is a bit like being penpalls but more public, and of course we are never too sure what the other is like in real life till we meet; still there is a lot to share in a way that we might not share with people close to us. So it has a purpose I think. It gets bad if it is the only way to interact with people, that doesn’t seem healthy. A nice mix is the best perhaps. Then again I just speak for myself. 🙂 x


  14. Barbara says:

    Blogging and Social Media have changed so many of us. We find kindred spirits and support them. They in turn support us, which is more than I ever could have hoped when I began blogging several years ago. I’ve met, in person, several blog friends and I know I’ll meet more…including you, Peter! It is a blessing!


  15. Shonnie says:

    My blogging buddy … I remember when you had few on your roll and our comments were life blood to the other. Still, as you have moved up in the world and I slowed down … I eagerly await your posts and your comments on mine. 😀 Blessings sweet friend I have never met in the “real world.”


    • As with Barbara above, meeting you and Mike, possibly with Barbara ( who knows ) would be a fabulous experience and I mean to make it happen one day. You are one of my earliest Blogging chums, and your courage and ability to just get up and have another go, are an inspiration to anyone who reads your BLog


  16. The lives which move us are seldom ever seen, or heard or touched, but through the words and our own experiences, we feel, as echoes once again, something of the life they lead.

    What a poetic way of talking about fellow bloggers. Writing is a powerful means of connecting and oftentimes we are able to say what we feel in writing what we can not express in speech.

    It is rather lovely this land of blogging where we connect with other writers whom we will likely never see and yet come to know them as a friend.


  17. Just… beautiful. Moved me very much. ::big hugs::


  18. Caroline says:

    I love the days you post – my virtual and also (for me) my real friend. This one sums up the joy of the virtual world where we can choose, or not, to bare our souls in the safety of anonymity and the comfort of shared pleasures.



  19. This is a lovely post Peter. Blogland holds much to be cherished. It’s also a place that I feel I can always come back and visit, even if I haven’t been able to for a while. I am always glad to find you there with your wise words and your humour. Thank you my friend.


  20. Deana says:

    Great post. I too have made blogging friends and then they move on. I am still around, granted not as frequently these days. Mainly because both my laptop and Ipad were stolen this summer. I have a new tablet now and as I learn its quirks and personality, I’m hoping to be back with more frequency. Hope all is well.


  21. jangelos says:

    Always a kind word.


  22. nelle says:

    When we connect with another, we don’t grasp just how fleeting it can be. Karma might play a role, we touch a life for some reason and then move along. I’m hopeless, in that every person I ever liked I wish still graced my life.


  23. –Peter,
    there is something quite heartbreaking about this post. The fleeting moments. The impermanence. The virtue people who were once here & now gone.

    How is it…that you continually pull at my heart strings? How is it…that I know you?

    Sending you love from Minnesota, dear. xx


  24. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Absolutely lovely, Peter. I can really feel you here. Looking out the window with your mug of tea, I relate to as I have my morning routine. Includes the pc, my cat, and a cup of coffee.

    Pensive post, really like it.


  25. What a great way to say it–‘friendship born and life becomes a community’. I love that.


  26. Impermanence. The lesson comes in all forms. In this case–the blog roll–it makes for more work, thus reinforcing the lesson. At least you needn’t fuss with my entry. I’m here to stay…for now. Unless I get hit by a falling bit of space junk while walking my dog, or some other freakish thing that is totally likely to happen to someone like me! 😉


  27. Chris Edgar says:

    Now that I have been blogging — believe it or not — for more than five years, it is definitely interesting to look back at my old posts and see what a remarkably different person I was at the time. I suppose that makes sense given that, according to biologists, each and every one of my cells is replaced every five years, or something like that. The person who wrote my original posts would look like a dessicated, discarded snake skin if we were to collect all the cells that made him up, which thankfully at this point we cannot.


  28. Lovely reflection, Peter. The last paragraph is so beautifully rendered … gave me goosebumps!


  29. Chatty Owl says:

    I remember i used to be so sceptical about connections and friendships made in the virtual world, but im so happy i changed my mind about that and became so much more open about this. Meeting lots of amazing people here opened my eyes to a totally different side of a friendship.


  30. ampbreia says:

    Beautifully writ.

    There’s no permanency for any of us and that’s okay. Touching minds in passing is a singularly wonderful thing.


  31. russtowne says:

    Reblogged this on A Grateful Man and commented:
    I just discovered this blog/blogger. And after reading a single post–this one–I rushed to click the “Follow” button. There is magic in the way he writes.
    With Love,


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