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The Devil Run’s Out Of Coal

You wouldn’t have thought it was possible but here’s the cosmic news. One day people turned over a whole new forest of leaves, and the fact of the matter is there are no more bad people alive; or dead for … Continue reading

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The Young Dictator,

I can remember Adolf Hitler or “Dolphi” as we called him, when I was “Alive” in the mortal sense; we were in the same class at school. We were about twelve I think: He was already a nutter, who used … Continue reading

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Four Years A Blogging

Here is a picture WordPress sent me to mark my fourth anniversary on their site. As you can see, no expense has been spared in WordPress’s celebration of my entrance to the vintage Bloggers club. To be honest, I wouldn’t … Continue reading

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A Life Viewed Through Artifacts

You walk where once we walked,  collecting objects with no knowledge of my ownership, and yet in my time I used and sometimes loved each one of them. Each little fork and button, now brushed by your enquiring hand, was felt or viewed with awe or fear or love … Continue reading

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Memoirs Of An Exile,

Do you know how often you were loved? I do. Just once, and not by my own mother, brother or sisters. As children, and as a family, we lived in a sea of wreckage, trying to make sense of our own … Continue reading

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Where Knowledge Grows

I’ve read the words of men, or listened to their thoughts expressed as music. The men who walked where knowledge grows. Who’ve passed beneath the tree of wisdom and had it’s shadow grant them peace: briefly it might be. Look in their eyes and  you will find an … Continue reading

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Near The Real World

Characters on the silver screen, living their unlikely lives, seemed more real to him than ordinary folk, clinging to unsought routines. No different to the rest of us, he would sit silently nodding his head in some complex out of town, willing the changing … Continue reading

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