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The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

At the Rosewood School for Young Vampires, where the curtains are always drawn against anything but knowledge, Tommy Fang, a comparatively new boy at the age of eighty , was sitting in a solitary position at the back of the school … Continue reading

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Snacking Through the Fundamentals of Life

As anyone  who has studied the great philosophers, and thrown in a couple of brisk walks over the Himalayas during their life experiences can attest, few things demonstrate a person’s desire to connect with the world around him more accurately than … Continue reading

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Dieting tactics

Left to myself I am not a big eater, at least that’s what I tell myself,  and my weight tends to stay fairly stable. My partner, however, is fond of the odd snack  in absent-minded moments. Having said that she is neither … Continue reading

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