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Off On Me Hols

You may have noticed I’ve not been on much .Oh you haven’t! Well I’ve not been on much: travelling and that kind of thing. Anyway, what I’m meant to be saying is, I won’t be around much, if at all, for … Continue reading

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Meeting The Famous

I don’t know if you’ve had that moment I’ve had: perhaps you have, perhaps you haven’t. I saw someone I recognised from television. I knew the face but not much more than that. Quiz program presenter I think. The kind … Continue reading

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You Would Not Love Me Now

I never met you, knew you, or had your love but then I did. The image of the girl who would walk up to me in life, as if it were some railway station and laugh, smile and  warm your heart in my embrace faded … Continue reading

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A Surprising Meal And A Moment of Terror

Ingnatius Fruitfly, a fearless vampire of many years standing had undergone a collapse of confidence after a botched visit to the dentist closed off the feeding tube in his upper right fang, rendering simple nourishment a thing of a past, and exposing him to … Continue reading

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Three Years Abloggin

Its been three years since I started Blogging, and I’ve churned out around 290 posts which means an average of, something like quite a lot of posts a month, but not too many hopefully, but enough to keep some of … Continue reading

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Mildew Laundry Services

Bertram Mildew ran the laundry which bore his name, underlining the fact that he was the proud owner of this seldom-patronised venture. “Mildew Laundry Services” didn’t seem to cut it in a town bustling with shops selling everything from unnecessary trinkets … Continue reading

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