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Happy Christmas One and All

From this distant outpost of the Blogosphere I wish all those who read or have read me, including the loyal Albanian, a very happy Christmas. I wish you a lovely holiday with those you love and cherish and look forward … Continue reading

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Films I l Like

I’ve always enjoyed films and, like many, sort of develop a rolling top ten or five depending  on your level of interest in the medium. Here’s a selection of mine: “The Last Samurai”, “Schindler’s List” and “The Shawshank Redemption.” They all concern … Continue reading

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Watching the Oak Grow

We can’t of course. It’s time scale is so different to ours that we would have to invest  a large proportion of our own existence to see the subtle changes time shows in the newly budding acorn. Where we able to do so, … Continue reading

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