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Who Do You Walk With

Some of us are loved until where we end and others begin becomes impossible to define. I am not that man. I walk, smiling at certain faces on the street, known to the point of small talk, but that love … Continue reading

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A Discrete Frailty in Boadicea’s Behaviour

The wife, who I call Boadicea behind her back, because to say that to her face would be a recognised form of suicide, is not someone to mess with. Alright, that’s nonsense because I’ve already said it, but then she … Continue reading

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Bunter Macintosh explores a new career Aided by Sylvia Satnav

“Bunter gets the job done” I’ve always said that to myself so, apart from being very pleased to acquire a position as relief taxi driver with the Matterly Taxi services, I thought of it as a good chance to see … Continue reading

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Bunter Macingtosh Rediscovers Love

Someone asked me recently if I still believed in marriage and I said, “Of course old boy.” I mean you can’t have been through five of the things without some belief in the institution and I’m still friendly with all … Continue reading

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Grexit Stopolopolus Gets In A Fix

Don’t know how it happened but Grexit, a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guy who liked nothing more than sitting around in the evening drinking wine with his family and friends received a letter from a … Continue reading

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Style Was Her Character

My grandmother, I remember, draped a fur around her shoulders long after they ceased to be fashionable, even when reclining on the sofa in her home. She delighted in making statements such as, “I have offered up my life to … Continue reading

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A Lifetime Of Moments

As a young man of twenty-three I was, like many people, an actor of sorts, who could fill any role, or in my case undemanding job, until the sterility and boredom of it all became suffocating and I engineered a … Continue reading

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