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What I’m not Good At

I have just recovered from a small ordeal precipitated by a technical error of mine. Incompetence, I am relieved to tell you, does not infect every aspect of my character but it is present in a number of them and … Continue reading

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Howling at the Moon continued

My last post, which had this name ended up giving the wrong impression of where I stood. I don’t mean that writing about yourself and sharing your thoughts and troubles is a waste of time. Far from it. What I … Continue reading

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Howling at the Moon

For some years now, as part of my reflections on the western society of which I am a part I have referred to “The Air Hostess’s Smile”. It is a smile which accompanies her question, “Do you want anything from … Continue reading

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Before we Start Breathing

For years she has sat there in her chair watching soaps and muttering about neglect. Not without love but she always waited for you to make the first move. Her husband always did that but he has been dead these … Continue reading

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Camden Lights: No Ordinary Life

Taken from us one drink at a time, killed by demons that ate her life, she leaves the world stunned and bewildered by her exit. Her haunting insistent and sometimes vibrant talent posed questions and offered views of life which … Continue reading

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Wrong End of the Stick

Yesterday my partner made a list of things she required when we went shopping. Nothing too fanciful: toothpaste, food, a new pair of pyjamas for me for some reason, bits and bobs for the house. You get the picture. So … Continue reading

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Unexpected Music

During my passage through Blogland I have read many  posts from many other people. Most are of general interest dealing with food, fashion, holidays , films and the like. Not every post within them but many of the articles. Every once … Continue reading

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Riding without a Handbrake

I love animals. This is no secret but some are more disconcerting than others. Stroking a Lion, though not impossible, would fill me with unease, and I would be careful not to have a bottle of ketchup on my person … Continue reading

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Openly Anonymous

A few times a week I walk along the river from my home. The view is pleasant in an organised way.Nothing left to chance, each tree is planned, but still my eye is grateful for the view. Amidst it swans … Continue reading

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A Georgian Terrace

Imagine the world of Jane Austin: a Georgian terrace sweeps round in a gentle curve with a soft green lawn laid out before it. Across the lawn nannies push prams full of  treasured young from the pampered homes of the families who employ them. … Continue reading

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