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Beneath The Tree Of Life

I’ve read the words of men who walk where understanding grows: who’ve passed beneath the tree of wisdom and had its shadow grant them peace, briefly though it be. Look in their eyes and you will discover glimpses of eternity. … Continue reading

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Lost Conversations

Heard on the radio, a transmission from past decades: fragments of a conversation, picked up as the spacecraft travels its uncharted path. “I’ll see you soon, put the kettle on,” then laughter cut off by silence. “Who were they” you … Continue reading

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A Flirtation With Prosperity

At University you could get a bit of street-cred by striking attitudes, or looking mystical and muttering quasi-profundities such as “ Your past is not your future ” and then looking deep into a girl’s eyes as if a number … Continue reading

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Those Eyes You Can’t Forget

Value her as he did, and love her as he did he could not promise to value her always, and that scrupulous thought forced him to walk away and not look back. That look she gave him then, empty and … Continue reading

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