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Just Another Dinner Party

I’m not saying I was sober: you try drinking two shots of JD followed by a bottle of red and then reading the central heating manual in a clear and precise manner: it does not happen. Somewhere through that first … Continue reading

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Because I loved you

I cannot hold your hand this year, I cannot share that memory. I cannot pour a drink for you or walk the beach where we both walked. I cannot laugh as we both laughed or dance a night time’s life … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Promise

Those early years: the morning coffees taken when the day was full of promise vanished in a fog created by that sense I was not to be relied upon or trusted by any life I touched. Those words you said … Continue reading

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Paris. I Don’t Know What To Say

  Like us all I am filled with sadness and bewilderment over the events in Paris. The levels of hatred, disillusionment or whatever it is which lie at the heart of the actions perpetrated by these men is beyond anything … Continue reading

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Somewhere in the Desk a Memory Lies

Originally posted on countingducks:
Her dad is eighty eight,  not in the best of health . There is no choice: he must go to a home. The daughter is worried but her day is filled with work and battling through the grind of middle…

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Life Without Comment

Rosie Lotteridge is a woman who, she suggests, “Adds colour to many lives.” My aunt, who was connected to her in some way, something to do with committees I understand, said of her when her name came up in conversation. … Continue reading

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One Last Tryst

When I met her she felt her beauty was a recollection: her power to attract, she feared, long since gone and she was defenceless against the scrutiny of those less charitable than herself. She was a drunk in a bar at some … Continue reading

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Unmeasured Lives

I walked into wilderness looking for myself, far away from those who would recognise me. I hoped to lose my history and to begin with all I sought for was a quality of cleansing. There was no one left to … Continue reading

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