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My One True Love

When I opened the door there was Jennifer, my lifetime’s love and all she said was “I made such a mistake back then,” and looking at her, all I saw was the love of my life, worshipped in eternity who … Continue reading

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Reaching An Understanding

Our courtship was built on a meeting in Hawaii where we were both on holiday, and we discovered we both lived in the same city. “Is this fate?” she asked, and I just nodded my head and leant to kiss … Continue reading

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That Moment !

I’m an “In between engagements” kind of guy who has taken many jobs to keep the world from taking too much interest in his lack of circumstance. I am still seeking my calling, my destiny, the true expression of myself … Continue reading

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A Strategic Romance

  The Duke of Mildshire could look back on a traceable ancestry of over four hundred years, populated by those who lived largely free of financial and moral constraints:  rich in statesman of varying moral profiles. Owing to a remorseless … Continue reading

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