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Working On My Social Connections

I am a naturally exuberant character: I treat the world as my village, and will talk to almost anybody but even I have soul searing moments! Can you imagine standing in front of the bathroom mirror, looking at your reflection … Continue reading

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Etiquette And The Modern World

There are individuals whose sensibilities and reluctance to cause offense can seriously damage their chances of making the best of any situation. I am reminded of an event in history when the Kingdom of Postonia got embroiled in an unfortunate … Continue reading

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Paradise With A Guilty Secret

The world will not applaud us, that I understand, but two days ago before you left for America, emigrating with your ever-promoted husband, we snatched a last moment together: your hair on my shoulders, eyes locked with mine; finding comfort … Continue reading

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That Last Chance Class

You know that practised smile, the air-hostess smile so beloved in the world of the antiseptic greeting? Miss Laura had it and could look on you and then move away before you could ask if her manner was sincere, or … Continue reading

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The Perfect Partner

It is said that when we seek a life-partner we look for what we want or desire but later, and often after the point of no return, we realise that what we have been drawn to is the familiar wrapped … Continue reading

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