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Somewhere in the Desk a Memory Lies

Her dad is eighty eight,  not in the best of health . There is no choice: he must go to a home. The daughter is worried but her day is filled with work and battling through the grind of middle age. She has her … Continue reading

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Where the heartbeat lies

I remember sitting by my mother’s bed in hospital as she rested. I watched her breathing rise and fall . Some infection had invaded her body and we were just waiting for “things to take their course”. Every now and … Continue reading

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Customs and Differences

Yesterday me and my partner enjoyed one of those universal pleasures which unite us all. We went round to see some friends and welcome their new baby into the world. They had longed for this baby forever and it’s arrival … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Eyes

Who loves a struggling man uncertain of his place. A doubting prophet or a bankrupt sage. Bereft of friends who wanders on alone. All men are strangers in his eyes. Rushing through, it seems, their busy lives, their glance is cursory at … Continue reading

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Map Reading in Bad Weather

Some years ago I took my eldest daughter to look at a prospective university. It was in a medium sized city largely unknown to us. We had no satellite navigation and an ordinary country map to guide us but signs to the … Continue reading

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One of the Awkward Squad

Once, in another life, I was privileged to walk along a beach near a school, group or colony of Sea Lions. I’m not sure of the correct technical term. What intrigued me about them was how fat, clumsy and lazy they … Continue reading

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Two sides of a Coin

On the Sunday morning we went for a  breakfast at an open air cafe  near a local bridge ,so we could watch the early morning activities of the  swans, geese and ducks . After sitting down and munching happily through our feast our … Continue reading

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