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Lost Conversations

Heard on the radio, a transmission from past decades: fragments of a conversation, picked up as the spacecraft travels its uncharted path. “I’ll see you soon, put the kettle on,” then laughter cut off by silence. “Who were they” you … Continue reading

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A Life Viewed Through Artifacts

You walk where once we walked,  collecting objects with no knowledge of my ownership, and yet in my time I used and sometimes loved each one of them. Each little fork and button, now brushed by your enquiring hand, was felt or viewed with awe or fear or love … Continue reading

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The Unsought Memorial To Sir Simon Gutteridge

My uncle, Sir Simon Gutterage lived his whole life seeking that phrase or comment which might  guarantee his immortality. Despite a title, gained by an ancestor for turning a blind eye to the rampant affairs of a long dead and unlamented … Continue reading

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The Narcissist

He always opened doors for ladies. and thanked you if you made him tea: in all the facile worlds he entered, he defined life’s mannered courtesies, but something in his bearing told you his instincts were all predatory. He swam through life’s corralled … Continue reading

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What You Want I Am

The single truth which fed and clothed her every day since dropping out of university to embrace her new calling was to do with men. Inspired by the welcome and then depressing attentions of her classics professor, she realised she could earn … Continue reading

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A Holiday Romance: The Final Evening

You could call it a meeting of minds: a moment  for two souls who found in each other’s company that,briefly, the world made sense, but that was all it was and everything. It was a holiday romance, a trick of circumstance where a lady … Continue reading

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Hold Onto Your Hats. It’s Christmas Once Again

For the fourth time now, masquerading as Countingducks, I am very happy and pleased to wish the Albanian with his family of goats and all my other Blogging chums, many of whom have become cherished friends over the passing years … Continue reading

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