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The Meteorological Guide to Forecasting Emotional Weather

Geoffrey Isotope, who worked in the ‘Jam’  section of the Ministry of Transport and Chaos, used his training to forecast the effect of the weather on traffic patterns and movement: all very good and worthy I think you’ll agree. Over … Continue reading

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Plastic Penguin with a Propeller on it’s Nose

A Blogging contact, ( aawa ) recently wrote a post about a conversation she had with her freezer. I don’t speak German, but I think the general drift was the freezer was warning her not to leave the door open too long. … Continue reading

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The Penalties of Skyping

My mind is always full of a quiet but fixed purpose. To maintain the body and face of an athlete. This is my inflexible goal. Life can get can get in the way of every objective: one has to accept that. But my failsafe rule, my … Continue reading

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With regard to the previous post. Not sure what happened here. I was looking at some old posts and I pushed some button with this one and, lo and behold, its popped up as the post of the day. I’m … Continue reading

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Snacking Through the Fundamentals of Life

As anyone  who has studied the great philosophers, and thrown in a couple of brisk walks over the Himalayas during their life experiences can attest, few things demonstrate a person’s desire to connect with the world around him more accurately than … Continue reading

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Routemanship Under Pressure

Yesterday, somewhat unusually, we went off to a club to enjoy a few slices of Egyptian belly dancing. A friend of my partners is in some group which has practised this for about ten years and she was now part of … Continue reading

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An Incompetent Learns to Blush

At last I am becoming what could almost be described as a Veteran of Blogging. Lurching unsteadily into my fourth month. Well it would have been my fifth but I deleted my first Blog by mistake so we’ll say fourth. … Continue reading

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An occasional glance in the mirror sometimes reveals that not everything about me is in the best state of repair. A fondness for those little snacks which make life bearable has possibly grown the six pack to a 10.5 pack, or … Continue reading

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