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Victim of His Own Impulses

She was a lady in the crowd,  undistinguished in all matters but one: on her right shoulder, underneath her blouse which was white, I could see a black bra strap. I thought it odd that a woman with a white blouse  … Continue reading

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Gentle Incompetence

Recently I have been paying more attention to my writing career. Sorry, I’ve got a bit carried away there. What I meant to say was,” I’ve been paying a bit  more attention to my desire to have a writing career”. … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Happens

Autumn, as many of you have observed, is a beautiful season. The trees turn many shades of green-gold and brown: berries glisten in the morning dew. Like many of you,we like to go for a walk in the evening while … Continue reading

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Think Jeeves

Some people you love without limitation. I have such people in my life, and it’s a joy to know them. Objects have always played a lesser role in my affections with one exception. My second car, bought when I was … Continue reading

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Riding without a Handbrake

I love animals. This is no secret but some are more disconcerting than others. Stroking a Lion, though not impossible, would fill me with unease, and I would be careful not to have a bottle of ketchup on my person … Continue reading

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Technical Incompetence

It’s hard to believe I could do this to myself but I did. I had a blog called “And Another Thing”. Friends of mine kept asking me for the address but I couldn’t find it. I stumbled around hopelessly trying to find it … Continue reading

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