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The Solitary Road

It was in the way he drank: time was not in short supply for this gentleman who sipped at his glass and studied the wall ahead for things to contemplate: a solitary figure in a near-empty bar, an afternoon drinker, … Continue reading

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Because I loved you

I cannot hold your hand this year, I cannot share that memory. I cannot pour a drink for you or walk the beach where we both walked. I cannot laugh as we both laughed or dance a night time’s life … Continue reading

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One Last Tryst

When I met her she felt her beauty was a recollection: her power to attract, she feared, long since gone and she was defenceless against the scrutiny of those less charitable than herself. She was a drunk in a bar at some … Continue reading

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An Unsettling Seduction

My mother was a woman of rigorous order and routine, disregarding a weakness for iced-buns, and few things were allowed to alter the structure of her day or week, including unnecessary “Hysterical” displays, which was the generic term she applied … Continue reading

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Down At The Fossils Club

I go there once a week on Thursday afternoon’s with what I call my spending money. That is the money which is not taken up with just surviving, although that makes me far from unique I know. Down at the … Continue reading

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Life Without Fishing Nets

Those friendships we enjoyed, so casually, in a life, not overburdened with demands, allowed us room to celebrate with ease, a freedom we now find embalmed in photographs, and  some remaining artefacts. Me grinning with a new caught fish, the harbour as it once was, … Continue reading

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An Invisible Presence at The Birth

In almost every case the birth of a child is a moment of Joy, occasionally Panic, Fear or Unease: normally the product of stable parents but sometimes not, the child might be blessed with love or any response from a range of emotions.  In almost … Continue reading

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