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The Non-Committal Murder

He loved her in his non-committal way, always said so in the morning, as he moved briskly through the door towards the gate, then half way up the path he would say, “See you later”  and wave his hand to add … Continue reading

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Discussing Captain Crab

Captain Crab, recently retired as ‘Officer n Charge’ of the stationary dept at Slumpdown Barracks, could claim, in secret anyway, that whatever the situation faced by British troops worldwide, regardless of the weaponry at the enemies disposal, the men supplied by him … Continue reading

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Technical Update Victory and a Book

If you look to the right hands side of this post, you will see a button connecting this site to my FB page, created, in part, to talk about my book which is called. “Living Life Backwards”. Regarding the title, … Continue reading

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An Incompetent Learns to Blush

At last I am becoming what could almost be described as a Veteran of Blogging. Lurching unsteadily into my fourth month. Well it would have been my fifth but I deleted my first Blog by mistake so we’ll say fourth. … Continue reading

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Dealing with Sheep

Some years ago I used to have a small-holding which I ran along side my normal day job. This was a great thing as it meant we were surrounded by animals, which as every young girl knows is the basic … Continue reading

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Golfing Anarchy

When the girls were small I used to go out and play nine holes of golf at 6.30am on a Saturday morning so I would be home in time to play with them when they awoke. I enjoyed my golf but … Continue reading

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