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Diary Of A Lost Soul

I walked those gardens where we met, a lifetime or was it two ago, holding your hand within my own, feasting on that gaze of yours, so full of trust: the source of my tranquillity. I saw the tree on which our … Continue reading

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Were He An Accomplished Man ?

She was a woman of significant achievement, pursuing a successful career in the legal profession who enjoyed everything a person could wish for apart from empathy and a trusted companion, while he was a man of little perceptible professional or … Continue reading

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Beneath The Tree Of Life

I’ve read the words of men who walk where understanding grows: who’ve passed beneath the tree of wisdom and had its shadow grant them peace, briefly though it be. Look in their eyes and you will discover glimpses of eternity. … Continue reading

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An Eternal Sense Of Life

“What was your life like?” I said to the man one ahead of me in the queue of judgement. “I was like a man possessed,” he said as we waited. “How do you mean” said Mr Safe, namely me, now … Continue reading

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Wishing Everyone Who Passes By This Blog A Happy Christmas

 I am reminded by my life and contacts in social media that some of us enjoy a Christmas surrounded by those who love them and can celebrate that blessing with traditional feasting, and for others it is a time of … Continue reading

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An Out Of Body Experience

Recently, during a period in hospital, things were dicey. I had a seizure, lost all consciousness and had an out of body experience. As I fell, yes fell, out of my body, lying in perfect stillness on the bed above … Continue reading

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Brussels, Lahore TV Dramas and Current Events

I have a hobby, or is it a compulsion, to do with watching box sets on television. Recently I have been both engrossed and then appalled by a docu-drama based on the life of Pablo Escobar. As the episodes progress … Continue reading

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