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Technical Update Victory and a Book

If you look to the right hands side of this post, you will see a button connecting this site to my FB page, created, in part, to talk about my book which is called. “Living Life Backwards”. Regarding the title, … Continue reading

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Obscure Ruminations

“Keep your target firmly in your mind”, or  “Big Goals, small steps” are the kind of things I read in passing or hear on the radio or wherever all the time. You cannot fault them. Both of them ring true and make … Continue reading

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Hugs and That Sort of Stuff

I like hugs:many people do. Having said that the number of people I hug as a matter of course is somewhere between five and ten . These are people I love without question,and there is reason to believe they feel … Continue reading

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Just Beyond the Curtains

Outside our window flocks of geese set off on their autumn journey. It is a wonder to see these beautiful birds fly low across the water and then wheel off and away above the trees. Those same trees are now turning … Continue reading

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Families Valued

We make or pick our friends  through life’s journey, quickly at first and then more warily as experience takes the first blush off our innocence. Moving around we lose a few and make some more to compensate but are always in … Continue reading

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Life Through the Windscreen

I’m sitting next to Alf as he drives his car. Alf has a variety of moods but could generally be called polite and reasonable. Sometimes in his car he forgets this and suddenly starts shouting out, “You bloody fool. why … Continue reading

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A Georgian Terrace

Imagine the world of Jane Austin: a Georgian terrace sweeps round in a gentle curve with a soft green lawn laid out before it. Across the lawn nannies push prams full of  treasured young from the pampered homes of the families who employ them. … Continue reading

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Customs and Differences

Yesterday me and my partner enjoyed one of those universal pleasures which unite us all. We went round to see some friends and welcome their new baby into the world. They had longed for this baby forever and it’s arrival … Continue reading

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