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A Life In Passing

I was standing on the bridge the other evening, admiring the view, and the way the current played against the boats moored along the river bank when a man thrashing around desperately in the water appeared from underneath the bridge. … Continue reading

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Ronnie Crouch

Meeting Ronnie Crouch for the first time at what was to become “my local” shortly after moving into the area was an experience. He was a sprightly,  slightly elderly gentleman, with a glow about him which draws the attention of … Continue reading

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We were as different as two people can be, with different approaches to life, culture and religion but at the centre of it I felt you would always be true to me, and so I opened the door to my … Continue reading

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Eight Years A’Blogging

Dear special and appreciated readers.  Eight years ago today, May 6th 2011, I awoke after a sleepless night and penned my first post “Waking Thoughts.” To those who know me, and those who wish they didn’t, these eight years have … Continue reading

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Seven Years A’Blogging

Blogging And Community Recently I have begun to receive the odd congratulation on my seven years in my job. I didn’t know what “job” they were referring to until I looked at my Linkedin account and realised they were talking … Continue reading

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A Happy Christmas One And All

Well it’s that time of year again when I toss all literary ambitions aside, consumed as I am by the anxiety which comes with the responsibility for cooking the Christmas meal. Will it all be overdone, underdone or not done … Continue reading

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Down At The Fossils Club

I go there once a week on Thursday afternoon’s with what I call my spending money. That is the money which is not taken up with just surviving, although that makes me far from unique I know. Down at the … Continue reading

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Who Do You Walk With

Some of us are loved until where we end and others begin becomes impossible to define. I am not that man. I walk, smiling at certain faces on the street, known to the point of small talk, but that love … Continue reading

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A Brief Update On My Fitness Goals

Ok, I don’t really have any, but that doesn’t stop me measuring so I can see how every thing is going wrong over a bottle or two of Malbec or Pino Grigio if the weather is too warm. As recently … Continue reading

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The Blitz Effect

As we know London and other cities in the UK have recently experienced a series of looting and riots which shocked a nation and gave the politicians the chance to proclaim a range of panaceas and measures which drifted quietly over the heads … Continue reading

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