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Watching the Oak Grow

We can’t of course. It’s time scale is so different to ours that we would have to invest  a large proportion of our own existence to see the subtle changes time shows in the newly budding acorn. Where we able to do so, … Continue reading

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Nothing Can go Wrong

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post I went off to “supervise” the plasterers who were completing some repairs to a wall of my daughter’s new apartment which she has just bought with her partner. Celebrations all round and a small … Continue reading

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Landmark Moments

Standing round the bed watching a new baby take its first breaths is a moving and affirming moment in any life and family. A new beginning, a new breath and a new hope. Unstained by history and surrounded by love, you watch them … Continue reading

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Dealing with Sheep

Some years ago I used to have a small-holding which I ran along side my normal day job. This was a great thing as it meant we were surrounded by animals, which as every young girl knows is the basic … Continue reading

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Her Spirit Fills the Room

The house in which they live is ordinary by any standards. Nothing special at the gate and furniture assembled out of need: not out of taste. Inside this home they live their lives, unremarkable by any count and beset by … Continue reading

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Map Reading in Bad Weather

Some years ago I took my eldest daughter to look at a prospective university. It was in a medium sized city largely unknown to us. We had no satellite navigation and an ordinary country map to guide us but signs to the … Continue reading

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