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A Life Portrayed In Photographs

It was my friend Colin who said, there are two records of your life: one told in the photographs and the other through the impressionist pictures which describe how you felt in the same period. Sometimes it’s hard to see … Continue reading

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One Last Tryst

When I met her she felt her beauty was a recollection: her power to attract, she feared, long since gone and she was defenceless against the scrutiny of those less charitable than herself. She was a drunk in a bar at some … Continue reading

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A Train-Wreck Love Affair

For me, at least, that “Moment” when you think you’ve met a women who may be “The one” doesn’t happen too often in your life: the moment when a girl or women you find quite pretty or interesting, intriguing or … Continue reading

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Music And Memories

Every day at ten past two, following a sandwich and a cup of tea; the particular filling might change from week to week; (It’s never an easy thing to define your preference is it), Saul Patrick Brownlow, played Handel’s Water … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Search For Meaning

I have always been a sort of psychological explorer, interested in those minute changes of mood as the mind travels between one moment and another. As an author of no repute, but wishing to gain one, I recently tried to … Continue reading

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An Adventure in Internet Dating

It was Derek, of course, who came up with the idea of internet dating after Bernard told him he had been checking out some sites. “Come on, mate. It’s made for you. I’ll help you set it up.” The wig, … Continue reading

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Bunter Macingtosh Rediscovers Love

Someone asked me recently if I still believed in marriage and I said, “Of course old boy.” I mean you can’t have drifted through five of the things without some belief in the institution and I’m still friendly with all the … Continue reading

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