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A Life-Changing Meeting With Dr Odd

I lived in the age of social engagement where we chatted on Blogs and even smiled at dentists before they drilled holes in our teeth: a celebration of biological generosity, spreading our DNA to the four corners of the surgery.  “Being open … Continue reading

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The Slackers Guide To Success

Owing to a natural lethargy this will be a short article, written in those small gaps between a mid-morning nap,  luncheon and the afternoon snooze. Still, in the brief time available, let me slip a couple of life-tips into the ether. The question is, how does … Continue reading

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Discussing Captain Crab

Captain Crab, recently retired as ‘Officer n Charge’ of the stationary dept at Slumpdown Barracks, could claim, in secret anyway, that whatever the situation faced by British troops worldwide, regardless of the weaponry at the enemies disposal, the men supplied by him … Continue reading

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Shameless Talk About Publication Date

Some time ago I wrote a post about people whose life was unsettled because they had an extreme degree of good manners. In it there was a general who refused to attack the enemy because, he considered it to be … Continue reading

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The Origin of St Cuthbert’s Steak Pies

‘Bilgburger McGrath, whose nickname was derived from his habit of  resting near the drains, eating beef burgers after extended discussions  with an intriguing ale or two ,had undergone a renewal of purpose: he had entered the doors of St Cuthbert’s church for the first time, to seek ordination.  Although … Continue reading

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The Breakthrough

Here it was. His perfect moment. The interview of a lifetime. The break through .The key to his golden future but the reception area to his company offices seemed a little blurred. Possibly as a result of nerves, a surprise meeting, and a lack … Continue reading

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Not Quite the Big Bang Theory

I had a group of friends at University with whom I shared the first steps away from home,  discovered earnest conversation, bad cookery and  odd low-level eccentricities, the latest novels and beer. This mutual curiosity bound us to each other and we shared … Continue reading

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Obscure Ruminations

“Keep your target firmly in your mind”, or  “Big Goals, small steps” are the kind of things I read in passing or hear on the radio or wherever all the time. You cannot fault them. Both of them ring true and make … Continue reading

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A Fox’s Point of View

The fox crouched in the corner of the small landing made by our front door and the building wall. My partner had just rushed past me saying “Fox” before I got to actually see it. I was on the next small landing … Continue reading

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Watching the Oak Grow

We can’t of course. It’s time scale is so different to ours that we would have to invest  a large proportion of our own existence to see the subtle changes time shows in the newly budding acorn. Where we able to do so, … Continue reading

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