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Shameless Talk About Publication Date

Some time ago I wrote a post about people whose life was unsettled because they had an extreme degree of good manners. In it there was a general who refused to attack the enemy because, he considered it to be … Continue reading

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Picture Of Man Holding A Book

    I am either lucky or clever, and I won’t be telling you which one it is. Some time today I managed to insert a ‘selfie’ here of me standing in front of the wardrobe mirror checking my hair. … Continue reading

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Seasonal Good Wishes

It’s that time of year again, and for the third time, which makes me feel antique in Blogging terms, I wish one and all a very warm and lovely Christmas, and New Year. I have been fortunate to have made … Continue reading

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Inner Life and ‘Inner Chick’

In Blogland I  invisibly meet a large number of people, some more known to me than others, as we read each other’s posts. I write now, because I am always in awe of how some people shape and use their inner experience to benefit … Continue reading

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Interview Between N.J. Granger, Soothsayer and Ironing Consultant and CD

As part of my training in self marketing and promotion I recently agreed to be interviewed on my Blog. Here is a transcript of the interview. All spelling mistakes are the result of poor spelling and remain the copyright of … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction

Despite studying fiction in my youth I have grown impatient with its lack of clarity or truth and have recently tended to read biographies and tales of factual adventure in its stead. Recently, because it has been in the news, or … Continue reading

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For those of you whose Blogs I follow, I’ve been commenting on your posts and not seen any sign of the comments. I fear they are sitting where they belong, in the select company enjoyed in your spam folder. If … Continue reading

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