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A Tale Of Two Brothers

Isn’t it curious how two very different aspects of the human character can manifest themselves under one roof, from one family and as a result of much the same upbringing. ‘Ducker’ had a brother called Nicholas who, for some years, … Continue reading

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Reflections in a Prison Cell

His life had been built on manners more or less, and some abilities, diffidently expressed, and a detailed crafted sense of what was right. He had a love of music, overriding in its intensity, because he knew that music never lies: … Continue reading

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My List of Firm, Cast Iron and Focussed New Year Resolutions

1) Try and Remember What They Are 2) Translate them into Albabian 3) Try and Improve my Spelling

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Think Jeeves

Some people you love without limitation. I have such people in my life, and it’s a joy to know them. Objects have always played a lesser role in my affections with one exception. My second car, bought when I was … Continue reading

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