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It’s Raining

In case you didn’t catch it the first time, its raining. Nothing wild and glorious with just a taste of the world’s ending kind of rain. More that steady, we can take the fun out of a lottery win kind … Continue reading

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When I Get an Idea

Behind the chatty face, and natural warmth with which I greet the world I am a private man, who still cherishes his treats and those he loves, and all my small routines, and old shirts, and . Well you know  what … Continue reading

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Cooking Survival Post

Just a quickie to say the steak, chips and veg strategy worked out well and for some reason or other it all tasted reasonable. Of course I remembered the watchword of the uncertain cook. “Don’t forget the wine”, and I … Continue reading

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Everyday I open up a couple of sites on my laptop. Obviously the dashboard is one but BBC News is the other. I check my dashboard to see if anyone apart from my ramshackle collection of friends, the loyal Albanian … Continue reading

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I Have the Heart of a Youngster

I love to hear new music so do they. I love to get into scrapes, but now tend to be too sensible. I have a reckless streak, but now circled with caution. I love the thrill of adventure but am … Continue reading

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The Pure Expression of Sensibility

Yesterday we visited a cousin my partner had not seen for quite a few years: I had never seen her except at her mothers a week before. In their youths they were close and recent moves had opened up the … Continue reading

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Wrong End of the Stick

Yesterday my partner made a list of things she required when we went shopping. Nothing too fanciful: toothpaste, food, a new pair of pyjamas for me for some reason, bits and bobs for the house. You get the picture. So … Continue reading

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Riding without a Handbrake

I love animals. This is no secret but some are more disconcerting than others. Stroking a Lion, though not impossible, would fill me with unease, and I would be careful not to have a bottle of ketchup on my person … Continue reading

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