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Unspeakable Acts

When I was younger I remember people talking about the Berlin Wall. About what life was like on the other side and how people would peer at it and the view of East Germany affordable through the Brandenburg Gate. To be … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Happens

Autumn, as many of you have observed, is a beautiful season. The trees turn many shades of green-gold and brown: berries glisten in the morning dew. Like many of you,we like to go for a walk in the evening while … Continue reading

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I Have the Heart of a Youngster

I love to hear new music so do they. I love to get into scrapes, but now tend to be too sensible. I have a reckless streak, but now circled with caution. I love the thrill of adventure but am … Continue reading

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Pie for Tea

“We’ll have the pie for dinner she yells across the flat. Her husband is in the kitchen making tea. He does that every day, and helps her dress, discussing the days fresh problems and her approach. Today he will be … Continue reading

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Camden Lights: No Ordinary Life

Taken from us one drink at a time, killed by demons that ate her life, she leaves the world stunned and bewildered by her exit. Her haunting insistent and sometimes vibrant talent posed questions and offered views of life which … Continue reading

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Riding without a Handbrake

I love animals. This is no secret but some are more disconcerting than others. Stroking a Lion, though not impossible, would fill me with unease, and I would be careful not to have a bottle of ketchup on my person … Continue reading

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Openly Anonymous

A few times a week I walk along the river from my home. The view is pleasant in an organised way.Nothing left to chance, each tree is planned, but still my eye is grateful for the view. Amidst it swans … Continue reading

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Her Spirit Fills the Room

The house in which they live is ordinary by any standards. Nothing special at the gate and furniture assembled out of need: not out of taste. Inside this home they live their lives, unremarkable by any count and beset by … Continue reading

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