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The Rosewood School For Young Vampires

At the Rosewood School for Young Vampires, where the curtains are always drawn against anything but knowledge, Tommy Fang, a comparatively new boy at the age of eighty , was sitting in a solitary position at the back of the school … Continue reading

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The Origin of St Cuthbert’s Steak Pies

‘Bilgburger McGrath, whose nickname was derived from his habit of  resting near the drains, eating beef burgers after extended discussions  with an intriguing ale or two ,had undergone a renewal of purpose: he had entered the doors of St Cuthbert’s church for the first time, to seek ordination.  Although … Continue reading

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Forays Into Marketing and The Power of Sausages

Some of you may know I have been busy recently writing a book, and some of you will be astonished to know I have now finished it, and am about ready to send it off for the traditional mauling by … Continue reading

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Surprising Musical Interludes

Last weekend we went on a little trip and, among other pleasant experiences, paid a visit to the church where my daughter is  getting married next year. I was introduced to the Vicarene and had a good chance to look … Continue reading

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Just a Creme Brulee !

As time passes, and we leave the sheltered anchorages of our youth, lurking behind the cover provided by a couple of exam certificates, and  assembled competences, a bungler sometimes lurks within us, wondering if its safe to come out . It … Continue reading

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It’s a simple word that can be read without trouble or effort but in a few people, myself included. even seeing the word can produce a powerful emotional reaction.  We went for a lovely walk along the river. Following my recent … Continue reading

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Here’s an Odd Thing

A lot of you can gather that I’m a fairly independent, crash by the seat of your pants, kind of guy, and so I am. The road less travelled is always more interesting to me, even if it currently seems … Continue reading

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Rude by Mistake

Invited to dinner by a colleague who I didn’t know too well, but who was involved in some project with me, I entered the house bearing a bottle of reasonable wine and a smile which I hoped would mark my … Continue reading

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The “Raised Eyebrow Award”

As you may have noticed I recently spent a period on my own while my partner went off on a holiday to Dubai  visiting her daughter. In this period I undertook a scientific, rigorous and possibly exhausting research project on what … Continue reading

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It’s Not all in the Taste

I have a number of interests: some of them more productive than others. One of them is wandering round second-hand book shops seeing whats out there. On a recent trip I came across a tome called “The 1936 Economical Cookery Book”. … Continue reading

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