A Matter Of Philosophy

I want to know what everything is, and nothing is; the beauty of a note and the silence which surrounds it. I like to know and understand myself, and those whom I meet, or nearly meet. I am conscious that I will not always be conscious: that my curiosity is unlimited but my time is finite, and I cannot waste a moment of it in acquiring things which will not make me richer in a way I value. 

The amusing thing is many would consider me as living in la la land, where poetry is a secret form of currency, and music a mode of transport which might carry me to lands and vistas invisible to the naked eye: to where angels might dwell and we begin to forgive and truly understand the love which passes all understanding. I can live with the opinions of the “many”, but I cannot live without my imagination.”

One of the great temptations of life is to lose sight of the beauty of the whole, or the mystery of an instant amidst the mass of worries, jealousies and insecurities which crowd in on the average day, including mine, but while I have a breath to draw I will, whatever my circumstances, raise my eyes in wonder to the horizon and marvel at the miracle of consciousness.


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Trying to remember what my future is
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12 Responses to A Matter Of Philosophy

  1. catterel says:

    This really resonates with me, Peter – you have put your finger on the essential.

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  2. beth says:

    and you clearly live this

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  3. Michael Graeme says:

    Very well put. Many forget or even reject the inner life once they leave childhood, but I think it’s vital to explore by whatever means comes to hand.

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  4. For me, conscious awareness and the ability to reflect are proof of the eternal reality. Why am I aware of this life, if there is no other one in which to be aware? There is no reason for memories if there’s no next life during which to reflect on them.

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  5. syreal17 says:

    I find myself
    In that vast domain
    Adrift in the void of space
    Bliss tangible in that abyss
    I lost that ache for others
    But when I hear your voice
    I remember what I missed

    (on the wings of Toonorth’s Deep Space)

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  6. I love the first paragraph.

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  7. Jack Eason says:

    Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    From Peer

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  10. This is so beautiful. It deeply resonates with me. I also live in lalala land. Thank you for sharing, I’m adding it to my physical notebook as a reminder and comfort.


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