Beneath The Tree Of Dreams

However much she teased at life, dismissing the words of “frail” men, trauma would haunt her waking hours. She said she felt like an empty void, haunted by uncertainties.

Yet to find answers in her life, and out on a reflective walk, she introduced herself to me while I sat under some ancient oak, dreaming of tranquility. She threaded her arm through mine, and said, “I could love you if you choose.” 

I had no centre in my life, I can not say it otherwise, but in her gaze I discovered hope, gaining a purpose in my life, that she might find her home with me. 

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Trying to remember what my future is
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13 Responses to Beneath The Tree Of Dreams

  1. beth says:

    how utterly lovely

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  2. Jack Eason says:

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    More from Peter Wells

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  3. A lovely coincidental meeting that promises so much. Quite heartwarming, Peter.


  4. Scarlet says:

    Very peaceful/hopeful, Mr Ducks.


  5. judithhb says:

    Hi Peter. This reminds us that there is more to wish for and hope for in the coming year. Thanks.


  6. Robin says:

    sweet!! I’m already picturing them living happily ever after!


  7. wdfyfe says:

    You have touched that nanosecond when two people find each other. cheers


  8. Terveen Gill says:

    Only a receptive heart can recognize a loving gaze. So beautiful. 🙂


  9. Zelda Winter says:

    This is exquisite! I’m in love with this line: “I could love you if you choose.” Bravo!

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  10. nelle says:

    Hope is good, especially when it runs in both directions.


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