An Afterlife Conversation

I must have left the physical plane for  about six months when I found myself at the back of a forum at a session called “How to get your next life right”  I turned round to this entity beside me and asked “Who were you in your last life?” and they replied, “Margaret Cotton. I worked as a cleaner for most of it and had two husbands, neither of whom I’ve seen up here yet. In the life before that I was Winston Churchhill: apparently I was meant to be working on my humility in my last life!”

“How did that work out?” I asked and she said “My second husband was the spouse of a client, wealthy beyond my wildest dreams and he took me to levels of unmatchable luxury in return for services we are not allowed to discuss here: his wife had no imagination apparently.  That’s her in the row below us by the way: she hasn’t forgiven me yet, death or no death”

“Have they told you who you will be in your next life then? I asked her, presuming she had not yet discovered inner serenity and perfection.  “Not yet,” she replied,  “But apparently insects have to invite you to join their number so I may have quite a time to wait in purgatory. Who were you, she asked and I replied,  “I was a bluebottle but apparently I will be a human being in my next life: no permission required for that  I understand. I wonder why that is !?

They offered no reply.

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Trying to remember what my future is
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9 Responses to An Afterlife Conversation

  1. Jack Eason says:

    Well done Peter 🙂


  2. Oh yes – that just about sums up human nature! I was having a discussion with my daughter the other day about the (currently topical) debate on ‘saving the planet’: the cynic in me trying to impress on her that yes, whilst we can all do our bit, fundamentally humans are greedy and self- centred, and, whilst there’s money to be made real change will never happen.
    Sorry, got carried away there! Great vignette, Peter.

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  3. Hmm – I think reincarnation is a very worrying prospect!

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  4. I wonder if that was the blue bottle that stung me?


  5. Al says:

    From a jellyfish to a human, eh? Well, at least you’ll know you’ve hit bottom in the hierarchy of valuable life forms. The next go round will have to be an improvement.


  6. beth says:

    it’s only up from there –


  7. judithhb says:

    Where to next, one wonders. Well doe, Peter


  8. Robin says:

    Short and very much to the point! Well done Peter! (as always!)


  9. Jack Eason says:

    Reblogged this on Have We Had Help? and commented:
    A few thoughts from Peter…


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