The Other Side Of Life

She was a woman of significant achievement,  pursuing  a successful career in the legal profession who enjoyed everything a person could wish for apart from empathy  and a friendship of trusted intimacy, while he was a man of little perceptible professional or material value apart from an enhanced sensibility which often added texture to a situation and depth to a conversation: more than that, perhaps, he was kind, because kindness to others was the foundation of his beliefs and the secret behind his poverty: he never placed his needs before another’s, and always said his wish was to understand and discover rather than own: a point of view which irritated many people, including his father.

As a result of conversations held at a cocktail party hosted by his cousin, more prosperous, more “realistic” if we can use that word, than him, they had become acquainted and he had asked her to dine with him and, she, moved by a sensibility seldom encountered in her professional life, had decided  to accept. After all, what could be harmful in a few words exchanged over a convivial meal?

In fact what happened was he opened the curtains of her mind and pointed out the carpet of stars above, visible to those not obsessed by material concerns. She found herself moved by his words as little else had done: life became a timeless place, where love-minded souls gathered round the fire of experience and shared their dreams.

Everything her life had taught her told her he was not a man to become involved with but her private soul, which looked out on life and asked the question “Why?” could imagine nothing more precious. Was she privileged to know him or a hostage to her needs ? Only time would tell.

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10 Responses to The Other Side Of Life

  1. catterel says:

    Nice to have an optimistic story from you, Peter. Hopefully this sensitive soul won’t be crushed.

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  2. Anu Maakan says:

    Sounds familiar……

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  3. Michael Graeme says:

    Brilliant, loved that. Two fascinating characters leaping to life and in so few words. I suspect they’ll do well together, but she’ll need courage to trust in love and to ignore what everyone else tells her.


  4. beth says:

    i am ever hopeful for them both, i feel her world has cracked wide open at last


  5. I giggled from go to whoa!


  6. Al says:

    Damn good, Peter! As always.


  7. syreal17 says:



  8. This is quite an edgey piece where opposites dangle their carrot and make us wonder what we might have missed. Great writing, Peter.


  9. wdfyfe says:

    Are they ships that pass in the night or do they collide? Interesting.


  10. Scarlet says:

    Oh…. where is the rest?????
    This is a great line: where love-minded souls gathered round the fire of experience and shared their dreams.


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