A Chancer And Three Quarters

I’ve always had a bit of a way with the ladies, nothing said, nothing mentioned but it’s all in the smile isn’t it: the body language, the mysteries of chemistry? OK I don’t often get profound but Jennie in the fish and chip shop recently came on the radar.

I am a modest man; don’t push myself in where I’m not wanted but you couldn’t miss the signals: she laughed at every joke, leaned forward and said “You are so amusing Barry, you should be on stage” and other phrases which tempted the Wagstaff ego, that’s my surname by the way, to take a step onto the stage of life and show what he’s made of.

“Keep it simple, keep it light” is the Wagstaff way but I must say I was drawn by her obvious admiration, figure and the lovely way she had of nodding while you expressed opinions to suggest that, all things being considered, we might make a nice “Item”

“But I don’t like you” she said, when I suggested we might shuffle up Romance Alley together. “Be that as it may, destiny is destiny” I said, “And your name is on my dance card!” at which she just turned her head to another customer and pretended I hadn’t spoken.

I get the message, she wishes to be discreet, and discretion is my middle name too, so I winked at her as if the world was our secret and left the shop, sure another opportunity to continue the conversation would present itself in the not too distant future.

A week passed during which she was either not in the shop or I was actually working, which can put a spoke in the wheels of any relationship don’t you find? Free at last, I walked towards the shop and saw her inside doing something by the counter.

As I advanced towards the entrance, she raised her head and spotted me and quick as a burglar at the sound of a police siren, moved to the door which she shut before flipping the sign on the inside to say “Closed”

She gave me a stare which some might call ‘direct’ before walking back towards the counter. You can’t take it away from this girl, she certainly knows how to keep things under wraps, and sadly that includes her figure!

About Peter Wells aka Countingducks

Trying to remember what my future is
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15 Responses to A Chancer And Three Quarters

  1. …. Have you been following me to work again?? Lol! This is a familiar tale working in retail.. Too bad I can’t flip the sign when I see people coming! 😉 great story!!

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  2. davidprosser says:

    I didn’t realise there was anyone else with my skills.

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  3. Lol! A day in the life of any customer service person, captured in the customer’s words. Been there, done that, on both sides of the counter…

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  4. Viola Bleu says:

    Hilarious .. brilliantly written and a giggle was just what I needed! Thank you .. (thats not me laughing AT you, just for the record, more in appreciation of your comic timing) ..

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  5. ksbeth says:

    so well written and funny, peter. the young woman who does my hair, also works part-time in a coffee shop and has had a similar experience from the other side of the counter. )

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  6. Al says:

    This is your typical female “hard-to-get” scenario in full throttle. It’s obvious she is extremely enamored with you, Barry, and I suggest a little “tit for tat”, if you catch my meaning. A little aloofness on your part and she’ll soon be switching to the “Open for Business” sign.


  7. Some people can’t take a hint, eh? Then again reading signals can be an art form! A most enjoyable tale, Peter, certainly raised a smile.


  8. gotham girl says:

    Ha! Loved waking up to this!


  9. tiostib says:

    Ah, yes, the dangerous allure of false expectations, hope falling on its face in life’s mud puddles. Still, perhaps tomorrow…


  10. ASH says:

    Wag Staff, indeed.
    I always find an empathetic resonance with all your characters, saint or scoundrel.


  11. Well, well, Barry, what’s left? Weeping volubly? Or maybe offering to share your suggestive picture collection? She must succumb at last, surely! I remember my retail days, too. Not pleasant!


  12. nelle says:

    What a coincidence, sir. You show up and I’m about to close. You’re always wandering down fun roads…


  13. Now I shall be looking over my shoulder for weeks.


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